Facebook to introduce emoticon reactions

Nothing is as famous a reaction like the "like" 👍 button of facebook 
According to Engadget ESpost from Thursday  facebook to add new range of reactions emoji. this update rolls out first for spain and Ireland as testing phase, the reactions set created by engadget does not include thumbs down as reaction, my guessing is thumbs down alone doesn't justify much to a reaction instead there's an angry, sad face in the list.         This should prove to be a major update on how people express empathy.

Whats with the Alphabet <> Google

If you haven't heard here it is, Google apparently made some massive changes to its operation hierarchy. 
         Google(Larry Page & Sergy Brin) recently announced the restructuring, 
now Alphabet is the holding company of google and the products under google are now its siblings.
Why this huge step?

How old do You look?

Skeptical about how old you look? Now you can ask an Artificial Intelligence algorithm do the guessing for you. Microsoft being the efforts behind it are allowing developers to use the open APIs.

Samsung tablet with intel Atom X5 on benchmarks

A Geekbench listing of a mysterious Samsung tablet codenamed CHOPIN-LTE made the rounds online. The slate houses a 64-bit Intel Atom x5-8500 chipset with 2.24 GHz quad-core CPU codenamed “Cherry Trail.”  The silicon will utilize 14nm architecture.
The upcoming tablet features an Intel XMM 726x LTE modem alongside the Atom x5-Z8500 mobile chipset. It packs a whopping 4GB of RAM and boots Android 5.1 Lollipop.
Samsung introduced high-end Galaxy tablets with its own Exynos chipsets last year, though, this time around, the Korean giant appears to have other plans. We will keep an eye out for more details on the slate going forward.

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Android M and finger print scanner

Android M allegedly to include a native finger print scanner.
Seen only on handful of android custom builds like Samsung Galaxy series.
   If this is to be true there is a wide horizon of opportunities to utilize this feature, it may be wallet payment service, email account security, a new menu option under settings of your android and more work for developers off course.    Google I/O yet to confirm this news.

#BlackBerry up for grabs

The three Tech giants are a hot topic now, Rumors claim Microsoft and Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi are eyeing on Redmond based company Blackberry acquisition.
        Blackberry surprisingly posted small profit in last quarter of 2014 following if heavy loss due to android , ios domination,
     Several other firms are also in the line Huawei, Lenovo. Microsoft is betting on expanding its software service in mobile segment and Xiaomi keen on market reach which are going to be the fruits of this acquisition.

Google's Brillo : IoT

Google wants in on #IoT.
Brillo is a software completely dedicated to home automation which google is working on lately.

IoT the buzzword which simply means enabling remote operations to any of your electronic device with internet access.
And where devices are concerned Google has a lower cap of 512 MegaByte to run a flavor of android on a device with ARM  or Intel SOC .  Its going to be changed soon with this new advent.